We ate all the cheese & drank all the beer

This last month I taught my first craft beer tasting class and my second homebrewing class at the Bellingham Technical College. First of all I want to apologize to the people who missed the tasting class due to the date change. Secondly, I want to sincerely thank everyone who came to both classes. I’m glad that there are so many people in Bellingham who are so beer-centric. I am going to take a break from the homebrewing class this Winter quarter and come back in the Spring. This Winter I’m working with the college right now to do two tasting classes, the “Introduction to Craft Beer Styles Tasting” and a “Winter Beer Tasting.

The tasting class went pretty well but I think next time will be even better. We started with a Kolsch and Pilsner from Chuckanut Brewery that were very tasty. From Boundary Bay Brewery we had ESB, Scotch Ale, IPA, Imperial Oatmeal Stout, and Old Bounder. I meant to replace one of those with a beer from the North Fork Brewery, but didn’t get my act together. Next time I will make sure to make that happen. Finishing it all off was a Kriek Lambic (cheery sour beer) from Belgium. Most of the beers had food paired with them. My favorite was my wife’s lavender cookies with the IPA. I wanted to focus on locally made and/or available food and beer for two reasons. First of all, because I want to support local business. And because I didn’t want to offer hard to find beers. If people really liked them it would be frustrating for them to know that they can’t get them in town.

I bought the cheese and kriek at my local Haggen’s, though I would like to get the cheese at Quell Fromage next time. I got the deli meat from Old World Deli and oh, man was it good. Thanks to Trevor Tomlinson at Old World for helping me make such difficult decisions. I also got Gouda cheese made in Ferndale along with apples and pears from Bellewood Acres. Sorry again to those who missed the class. I know it’s cruel to say this, but it was great having extra for the rest of us.

I had about three times as many people sign up for the introduction to homebrewing class this time around, which led to some changes in the class structure. Compared to the last class, this one was less hands on and more demonstration. But the goal remains the same. The class will help people get started brewing on their own at home. This time it went a little smoother and I had better timing than the last time around which meant everyone got to leave on time which was nice. Thank you to Nick Crandall for his help. I really couldn’t do it with out him. After talking about beer for three hours it was great to go home and enjoy one. If only the Huskies could have pulled out a victory that night, it would have been about a perfect day for me. Cheers!

I would love to get any feedback from anyone who took either class. You can comment on this blog or send me an email to: aastone(at)gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “We ate all the cheese & drank all the beer

  1. Thanks for the homebrewing class. My husband and I are now inspired to start brewing at home now that we know it’s not so difficult. Your class took the intimidation away. Cheers!!

  2. Anthony Stone

    Thanks Melissa, that is exactly what my goal is for the class so that makes me happy to know that it is working. I hope you and your husband enjoy brewing together. Cheers!

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